English লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান
English লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান

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If you read this short dua or prayer, 100% girls will fall in love with you.

If you read this short dua or prayer, 100% girls will fall in love with you.

An unnamed boyfriend at one of the world's leading religious educational institutions wants to know that he loves a girl very much. Is there any such prayer or action? If he recites the amal or prayer, he will get the girl he loves or that girl will love him. Or will the girl agree to marry him? In response to all these questions, the organization has said a prayer. Watch the video to know the prayer.

In response to this question, the fatwa department of the organization said-
According to Islamic Sharia, it is illegal to love a girl privately or secretly and it is a grave sin. Nowadays love means meeting in solitude, eating nuts, eating blisters, going for walks in the park, dating, and many more. So a girl should avoid the subject of love.

If someone falls in love with someone, the fatwa department of the organization has advised him to do something. And then-

The man who loves a girl should get up at midnight on Friday and seek help from Allah. This prayer can be recited to fulfill the hopes of the mind-

فَوِن تَوَلَّوْا فَقُلْ حَسْبِيَ اللَّهُ لا ـِلَـهَ ِلاَّ هُوَ عَلَيْهِ تَوَكَّلْتُ وَهُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ
Pronunciation: ‘Fa ying tawallao faqul hasbiyallahu la ilaha illa hua alaihi tawakkaltu wa hua rabbul arshil azim.’ (Surah Tawba: verse 129)

Meaning: Even if they turn away, say: Allah is sufficient for me, there is no god but He. I trust in Him, and He is the Lord of the Great Throne.

Allama Kashmiri to read the details. The company has also suggested reading the book Ganjina e Asara.

May Allah grant the Muslim Ummah the Tawfeeq to live in the right way and to pray in its court in the right way. Give all the good in this world and the hereafter. Amen. 

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 Insurance: What you should know about it?

Insurance: What you should know about it?

About Insurance: 

Insurance: What you should know about it?

When someone talks about insurance in the country, people look at it in a negative light, as if the person has come to harm him. Such a negative attitude towards insurance is not entirely unfounded. Let's look at the benefits of insurance through a few incidents:

Case 1: Umme Zara Dina died in 2013 at the age of 32 after being diagnosed with deadly cancer. His life was not a happy one even before he was diagnosed with cancer. His father died suddenly in 2011, his only brother was disabled from birth, so he and his mother had to take care of everything. One day he insured without thinking of anything special. That insurance later became the basis of his treatment and maintenance of his mother. Since the start of treatment, the company has paid a total of Rs 6 lakh after his death, though he paid a premium of Rs 36,000. Relatives pay for a portion of the medical expenses. A portion of the insurance money is also spent. And after Dina's death, her mother moved to the village with the rest of the money and the family savings. He got a piece of land in his ancestral house. He is living with his disabled son by building a house there with that money.

However, large domestic companies, including multinationals, have policies that can solve many people's problems, such as education insurance, pension insurance, and basic insurance policies with an accident or hospital insurance, and group and health insurance at the institutional level.

Fact 2: Many people who live in flats in Dhaka do not have special savings. The flat loan installments and the cost of educating the child through English are all over. As a result, if there is any major illness, it is like falling into the abyss. This is exactly what happened to a medium businessman named Ujjwal Ahmed. After buying the flat there was nothing to say about savings in hand. He was diagnosed with diabetes a few days before his heart attack. He insured a few days ago after being reassured by a representative. As a result, after a heart attack, you get Rs 1.5 lakh under serious insurance (extra coverage). This money raised the cost of his treatment. As a result, his family did not have to reach out to anyone special. This insecurity of the middle class is not much discussed in society or in the media. But policy can be a good solution in this case.

Learn what is Google Adsense?

Another big problem with distrust in insu. is not getting services on time. It cannot be said with certainty that timely services will be available from all the companies.

However, large domestic companies, including multinationals, have policies that can solve many people's problems, such as education insurance, pension, and basic insurance policies with accident or hospital and group and health insurance at the institutional level. It provides cover in case of illness or accident. Again, many companies carry a card with the original insurance policy, which can be discounted at many diagnostic centers.

Separately, in the case of pension insurance, where there is no pension system in the private sector, insurance companies' pension plans can be especially helpful, although companies do not run special campaigns.

Note that the insurance policy has to be run much like the DPS of a bank, i.e. premiums have to be paid at regular intervals. Keep in mind, it will not match the high rate of profit like savings certificates, because its main purpose is security safety after death or during illness. However, if there is no problem, some profit is matched at the end of the term — in some policies that money is available at the end of the term and in some policies during the specified period. The customer needs to understand what he needs.


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Fart fact is big fact.

Fart fact is big fact.

Fart fact is big fact.

What is a fart?

Fart is an essential daily function of mammals.Fart coming out of the anus is a very common word. There is no man on earth who has not fart yet. Small-big, rich-poor, common people-celebrities all do this job perfectly. Many people have written their name in Guinness Book of World Records by farting.

Authentic definition of foot?

According to the experts: the fart, the compressed annus, the ishit expands and sometimes comes out in its own words, sometimes in silence, forcing the human race to wrinkle its nose, it is called fart.

In simple terms: the special process by which the evil air hidden in the stomach is expelled from the anus is called the fart. Being a fart is a very important approach for mankind.

Fart in scientific terms: The methane gas that is produced inside our stomach due to various magic tricks of the digestive system is called fart in scientific terms.

Different types of fart: 

The different types of fart can be discussed in detail below: -

Foss fart: Another name is Gentleman's fart. The fart comes out after not being able to hold it for a long time. The smell is so bad.

Dhoom fart: It is basically for those who are not ashamed of fart. As soon as they felt gas in their stomach, they let it out loud. Because it does not ferment, it usually does not smell.

Silent fart: Its other name is Churapad. This is the next step in keeping the toilet closed for a long time. The fart is more dangerous than the Hiroshima bomb. 

Sour fart: When left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. It can be called the god father of fart. 

Tanning fart: This fart is when the toilet is tanned. This fartt is as difficult as the toilet. If it is given, there is a possibility of breaking the secret door. There is a lot of smell. However, due to the low water content, the smell does not last long.

Almond / Egg fart: This fart is made by eating the yolk of almond or boiled egg. It usually smells like nuts / eggs / beetle, almost impossible to separate! Smells for a long time. If there is gas in the stomach of people on bus or train, many people eat it wisely. After eating, he tried to cover the smell of his fart.

Soup fart: This fart is used during diarrhea. Given the moment of movement is a little risky. At any time, the pants can be rubbed with yellow glue. Its word is usually ‘ferfed’ or ‘varvar’.

Conclusion: The importance of fart in human life is immense. Methane gas would accumulate in the stomach of a person if he could not step on it. And then people would fly into space. Let us adorn the fart as the national wind.

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What betting sites are not on Gamstop?

What betting sites are not on Gamstop?

What betting sites are not on Gamstop? 

we can say that the UK gambling market is one of the most regulated markets in the world. The UK Board of Directors, the UK Gambling Commission, is in charge of all the wagering held under its jurisdiction. In the main international sports betting brands are not part betting websites, not on Gamstop aren’t licensed by the United Kingdom gambling operate in other worldwide jurisdictions like Curacao or Gibraltar. Gamstop also hits players who enjoy placing bets on their favorite sports teams and sports superstar players. But what's Gamstop? Today I discuss some of the betting sites that are not on Gamstop. You can following line by line with all articles. 


Features of non-UK bookmakers accepting players from the UK: 

It is normal for UK punters to stress whether Internet bookies not on Gamstop are trustworthy and reliable. Honestly, you'll never make certain if your chosen bookie is safe and secure once you join anonymous bookmakers. Therefore, we've provided you with the simplest options you've got immediately. Here are their basic features:

Regular and live bets: 

Internet betting sites not registered with Gamstop have all the essential features of Gamstop bookies and even own tools to limit some bets. Many of them also offer live streaming and live. Even bonuses and enhanced odds are on the menu also. 

As many events as on regular bookies: 

Sometimes bettors mistake bookmakers, not on Gamstop with bad and unreliable sportsbooks. This can’t be further from the truth really. In reality, these betting sites have as many events as regular bookies. Their market coverage is superb, and that they accept various bet options too. 

Accept punters from all over the world: 

Online betting operators that aren’t licensed by the UKGC are literally independent betting sites. Consequently, they don’t target British players. Instead, they specialize in punters from everywhere the planet, including Europe and North America. Their offer is meant to satisfy the requirements of international players. 
Welcome bonuses and promotions in foreign currencies: 

Bookies not part of Gamstop target international punters. So, their welcome bonuses and promos are offered in foreign currencies. There are many options are available really, including Euros, AUD, NZD, and CAD. 

Bad choice for highly addictive bettors: 

The main objective of Gamstop is to assist problem gamblers and stop them from accessing online bookmakers. With that in mind, gambling sites that don’t use Gamstop are a nasty choice for highly addictive bettors.  
Lack of popular deposit options: 
Betting sites are not blocked by Gamstop generally don’t feature any local payment methods. As a result, they have a lack of local UK payment methods. As a matter of fact, they also won’t feature UK payment options such as PayPal either. They do support, however, international billing methods. 

Not Licensed & Regulated by UKGC: 

The latest gambling and betting regulations within the UK demand that each one operator join Gamstop. These rules were introduced to guard British players who have a gambling problem. Therefore, online bookies outside Gamstop are non-UK betting sites by default. 


Types of sports that can be found on Non-Gamstop betting sites: 

Football: We know that Football is one of the best popular games in the world. But there are many football betting sites not on Gamstop. Betting sites, not on Gamstop offer great football betting opportunities with coverage of all major leagues, championships, and special events. 

Cricket: Cricket is another one of the best popular game all over the world. So, getting top-class cricket betting sites that aren’t on Gamstop was a top priority to us. You can see amazing cricket betting opportunities on betting sites, not on Gamstop. 

Basketball: Basketball is quite popular sports among bettors around the world. Basketball has the top three sports at every bookie, we understand the importance of high-quality basketball betting offers for you. You will get able to find attractive basketball betting opportunities at betting sites, not on Gamstop. 

Tennis: Tennis is an exciting sport to watch. Tennis game is not on Gamstop can keep you engaged throughout the year. You can get a lot of opportunities betting sites are not on Gamstop. 

Baseball: Baseball has another popular game all around the world. You have many of the options we recommend to our readers are baseball betting sites not signed up to Gamstop. Finding baseball betting options on sites outside UK jurisdiction is not hard at all. You get a lot of opportunities in-play baseball betting and lots of events to bet on.  
Rugby: Are you interested in Rugby Union or Rugby League betting? It does not really matter because rugby bookies not registered with Gamstop offer both. So, You will be able to do on both Non-Gamstop and Gamstop betting sites. 

eSports:  eSports are gaining popularity on betting sites with Non-Gamstop. Non-Gamstop sites feature the most popular games such as Counter-Strike: GO, Fortnite, and League of superstar Legends. 

Best online bookies not on GameStop for UK players: 

Even though outside the united kingdom Gambling Commission, these bookies are safe, trustworthy and have many betting options. As always, on NonStopCasino.org, we have the simplest Non-Gamstop sports betting companies for our readers: 

1. Betonline.ag: 

What betting sites are not on Gamstop?

Betonline.ag may be a US-based operator widely known for its' sportsbook and accepts players from the UK. The betting site has been started since 2004, offering bettors the amazing odds on golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, football, basketball, and baseball. you'll also choose the casino section and luxuriate in 3D Slots or other games from leading providers. 

Top Feature Betonline: 

  1. $55 Min. Deposit 
  2. 50% up to $1000 
  3. $50 Risk-Free Bet from Mobile 
  4. 50% up to $1000 
  5. Mentioned on ESPN & Forbes 
  6. Licence: Curacao e-Gaming 
  7. Sign Up Bonus: Up to $1000 

2.Tiger Gaming: 

What betting sites are not on Gamstop?

For quite 20 years, Tiger Gaming has been providing the foremost popular games and tournaments within the gambling industry. All poker enthusiasts and other players are guaranteed an exciting gaming experience across all devices. They are instant and payouts are made within 24 hours. 

Top Feature Tiger Gaming: 

  1. $55 Min. Deposit 
  2. $25 Risk-Free Bet 
  3. 100% up to $1000 
  4. 100% up to $1000 
  5. Casino + Bookie 
  6. License: Curacao e-Gaming 
  7. Sign Up Bonus: 100% Match Offer 


What betting sites are not on Gamstop?

SportsBetting may be a visually impressive bookie accepting UK players. you'll deposit or withdraw your funds through widely accepted options including debit and credit cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrency, and lots of others. This brand offers unparalleled customer support services through different channels. 

Top Feature SportsBetting: 

  1. $55 Min. Deposit 
  2. 50% up to $1000 
  3. 48 Hours Payouts 
  4. 50% up to $1000 
  5. Appeared on AL.com 
  6. License: Panama 
  7. Sign Up Bonus: $25 Risk-Free Bet 

4.PH Bookie

PH is one among the underrated sites among all sportsbooks and casinos not on Gamstop. This site features an adult theme and comes with a variety of best games including eSports. Many bettors are interested in this website due to the high odds and generous promotions and free bets. They are payment options like BTC, Neosurf, Payeer, and Skrill. 

Top Feature Ph Bookie: 

  1. Casino for Adults 
  2. Naked Dealers 
  3. No credit card Payment 
  4. 100% Up to $500 
  5. Top Feature: Naked Croupiers 
  6. License: Curacao 
  7. Sign Up Bonus: 100% Up to $100 


What betting sites are not on Gamstop?

BetSwagger.com may be a USoft Gaming site with an honest record of delivering quality services since it had been established in 2017. BetSwagger.com controlled by the govt of Curacao and is protected by modern SSL encryption technology. Besides the regular casino games, the operator also offers live dealer options and a spread of sports bets. 

Top Feature BetSwagger: 

  1. Bookie & Casino 
  2. No credit card Payment 
  3. Fast Registration 
  4. 100% Up to $500 
  5. Live Bets 
  6. License: Curacao 
  7. Sign Up Bonus: 100% Up to $100 

Betting sites advantages: 

Online betting is simpler more fun and easily reachable, that is why you literally bet any time of the day and wherever you want, one the other hand, conventional betting styles like getting to a casino restricts your access to betting, as you'll only bet when the casino is open.

Easy To Get Started: 

You don’t need expert-level skills to be good at betting, the site you choose will explain all the basic rules and directions you’ll need to follow to place the bets safely. You can then make a deposit and begin betting directly. Many online betting sites would offer you a bonus on signup.  

Bet wherever you stay: 

If you've got an account with a web bookmaker, then you'll bet online from anywhere as long as you've got an online connection, whether you employ a PC, a laptop, phone or tablet. You can also bet when you are at the college, at work, on holiday, at the seaside or in the mountains or at the stadium watching your favorite team. 

Bet online at any time: 

You only need an online connection to put your bet, whether you would like to try to to it at 7 o'clock before you attend work or in the dark in the dark before you go to sleep. 

Live betting : 

All online bookmakers provide you with the choice to bet live 24 hours each day. At the simplest online bookmakers, you've got a minimum of one event that you simply can back in real-time. Moreover, you'll bet live from a mobile device once you are at the stadium at a football match or at the gym. 


If you would like to use a technique like Martingale or Fibonacci, it's very difficult to practice offline! If you're the sort of bettor that places daily 20-30 betting slips for one match, you surely don't want to play offline. 

Money management : 

Although initially glance you'll say it's not a crucial aspect, it is often very useful for bettors who spend an excessive amount of money. So at online bookmakers, ready to "> you'll set monthly deposit limits so you'll not be able to spend extra money than you originally planned. 

You Can Win Really Big: 

We are talking about millions here. The possibility and potential of winning pile is perhaps the most important reason why people choose betting within the first place. Every day we hear about people winning jackpots, and even if you’re not that lucky, you can still earn a decent amount from betting online on a daily basis. 

More Profitable Than Investment: 

While many people prefer stocks and other types of long term investment over betting because of their stability and gradual growth, betting can help you grow your money a lot faster if you like to take bigger risks. In this manner, betting is much more profitable than investment, that's if you retain winning. It’s a Good Source Of Fun: 
Sports betting can add a whole lot of excitement in the matches, once you place a bet, you start enjoying every bit of the match being played. It increases the importance of a game manifold even if it isn’t being played by your home team. In this matter, betting for fun is that the best thanks to the following. 

A Versatile Field: 

Gone ate the days when the types of betting were limited, now you can choose from a wide range of things to bet on. Sports betting itself has all the games supported on most of the simplest betting sites available. 
The abundance of betting sites may be a paradise for normal betters, they will choose whatever site they need and obtain straight into betting with no delays. 

Betting sites disadvantages: 

Betting isn’t all about winning and the positive stuff, it has some drawbacks too. While many of the risks are often avoided by following some precautions, there are some risks that are just an important a part of betting, and can’t be avoided under any circumstances. 

  1. First of all, you fall in Addiction  
  2. You don`t have to get enough time for family 
  3. Every people will doubt you and notice a sudden change in you which is not good 
  4. Gambling is bad quality making money.  
  5. You have to give a full-time job that`s why you would not be able to draw your attention to other things. 
  6. You lose a lot of sleep. That`s why your health will be more demotion.  
  7. you lose your money at a certain point because ultimately everyone wants to be a billionaire in order to do that You have to bet all. You will think like to go big or go home at a certain stage. 

Long Wait for Payments: 

Assuming that you are a winner for the betting in a sport. Although the dealers confirm that bettors are often received money by cash or TTR to account within every week. Actually the fact that it is always longer. Sometimes it can last to 2 weeks or maybe 1 month. 

You Can Lose Money Real Quick:  

This is probably the most reason why many of us are against betting. It is a high-risk game, and you can end up losing all your money pretty quickly if you fail to follow the basic precautions. 
To make betting safer, you can choose sports betting, as the outcome of a match is completely random, this increases your chances of winning considerably. You Won’t Always Win:  While it is definitely possible to win money in betting, no one can assure you that you’ll win every single bet, in fact, people lose more than they win, and this is the most reason why betting sites and casinos are in business. 

It Can Be Highly Addictive: 

Betting has no apparent effect on your physical health, but it can be even more addictive than drugs. Many people keep loosing their money in betting, and yet they can’t help with the temptation to play more, and this type of addictiveness can be fatal for your finances. 

More Losses: 

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll have less time to form your predictions and place a bet with live betting. This means that the majority of your bets are getting to be supported a hunch instead of in-depth research, which isn't a profitable long-term strategy. Moreover, with live betting, there's a much bigger chance that you’ll spend extra money because the offers are unique. You must be aware of your budget at all times, or you might end up losing more money than you can afford.


We have noticed that finding betting sites on Gamstop is a lot easier than finding their trustworthy counterparts, is not on Gamstop. There are two ways to make sure that a particular betting site is a member of the Gamstop online. 
The first method we find out that it is to look for the Gamstop logo. All betting sites on the Gamstop online feature a Gamstop logo on the homepage. It is usually located at the bottom corner of the page. 
The second method is to visit the official Gamstop website. There, We will be able to go through the list of all the participating betting sites. If you would like to back sites inside the network exclusively, this is often neat thanks to ensuring a particular betting site may be a part of it. 

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How to avoid google adsense ban.

How to avoid google adsense ban.

How to avoid google adsense ban, Google Adsense Policy, Google Adsense Approach, Google Adsense Ban Ways, Google Adsense Youtube, Google Adsense Rules, How To Open Google Adsense Account, Google Ads What, how to get google adsense,google adsense terms and condition,Eligibility requirements AdSense for blog, making money from your blog? blogger to get AdSense approved, How to get adsense for blog? Blog adsense terms and conditions, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Blog adsense approval condition, How to enable blog adsense, youtube adsense terms and conditions,

In many countries around the world,Now Google Adsense is tough for approving YouTube, website or blog.But if you maintain all of Google Adsense terms and conditions  you can get it easily. 

Currently YouTube will have 4 thousand hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers per year for getting adsense. On the other hand, blogs or websites have to be at least 6 months of age. Now if you have a still Google Adsense account and suddenly if that account is banned then you will crash.

Adsense is banned for some of reasons. AdSense is very sensitive. so you have to follow the right rules in this regard. Today I will briefly discuss the details of this post with the ban on AdSense. Hope you will benefit. Let's started by expanding "How to avoid Google Adsense Ban".

To avoid banning Google AdSense, follow these steps are given below:

  • Never click on your own ad, which in turn leads to invalid Clicks and Impressions, which is one of the reasons for the Adsense ban.
  • Do not encourage friends or acquaintances to click on your site's ad.
  • Avoid logging into your AdSense account on a cybercafe or a friend's PC, which will cause Google to become concerned about your site.
  • Do not place ads on sites that are dirty or pornographic, and on hacking and cracking (be careful if you use other download links).
  •  containing violence, murder, crime, weapons and related content cannot be placed adsense ads on the site, which is considered to be Google illegal.
  • Keep in mind that the site will not be placed under copyright law.
  • Google wants content and of course good quality unique content, so other content copy and paste adsense can be responsible for the ban. Do not place ads on content-less pages and do not use hidden text and links on the page.
  • Never encourage a visitor to click on an ad. Do not be inspired to click on the ad through various articles (Click here, Click this).
  • Bad design, unnecessary widgets should not be used on the site. Which can be the cause of AdSense ban.
  • Avoid using H2 Tag in posts too high.
  • Regularly check your AdSense account well.
  • Suddenly, you should check out why your blog clicked up. Check and mail it to AdSense. Adsense will block that IP if mailed. And then your account will be safe.
  • Please attention to the above issues to avoid the Adsense ban I am sure that your AdSense will be protected. If you have any further questions, please comment. 

 The 10 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos.

The 10 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos.

The 10 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos,How to earn money from YouTube Detailed discussion, How to earn from YouTube, detailed discussion of what to do, what is youtube? Income from youtube, how to open channels on youtube, main source of income from youtube, google youtube adsense, affiliate marketing, reviews of various products, sponsored videos, how to be successful on youtube Approach, the 8 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos, How Much Money Can You Earn from YouTube, YouTube Adsense Guidelines, the YouTube terms of AdSense, YouTube copyright law, YouTube Community Guidelines,

Most of the new YouTuber they cannot find the content to create the videos. Today I am share you The 10 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos are listed below

1.Funny Video: You can create funny videos. Which is a very popular topic. You can make funny short film.

2.Review Video: You can give reviews of various electrical appliances. You can discuss which is the best products. This topic is also very popular. If you wish you can review the cosmetic topic.

3. Food Recipes: You can create different types of food recipes and upload them to YouTube that will allow many to learn how to cook. It is also a popular topic. This is a great topic especially for girls. And many youtubers have had great success on this topic.

4. Technology: You can make videos with various new Android mobile or laptop technology updates.

5. Tutorial: You can make video with required software tutorial. It will help many people to watch your video as you can learn by yourself. Many of the big YouTuber they make tutorial become popular and even earn a lot of income. I know the names of many.

6. Motivation: You can encourage people by doing various motivational or educational videos.

7. Life Stories: You can make videos about life stories of different people, especially popular life stories.

8. History Tradition: You can make videos about different sights or history traditions of world.

9. Human experience: You can upload different experimental videos to people.

10. Travel: If you like to travel to different places, you can capture videos of important places or topics in those places. Then you can have some discussion with the video. And publish this video on your YouTube channel.Already You have got The 10 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos.
How much money you can earn from YouTube:
Most of the people started youtube channel they are thinking about how much money  earn from YouTube. With this thought in mind, you do not need to come to YouTube. Go home and eat fried rice and think about sleeping. Without thinking of it, go to work and do good work then you able to make money from YouTube. Everyone can do it and why can't you?

So far we have learned about ways to earn through YouTube. Now let's know some strategies that we can use to earn more revenue.

  • Regularly try to upload new good quality video. Channel viewership will continue to grow.
  • After uploading the new video, please explain the video below. Then YouTube can easily get an idea about that video.
  • You have to keep in mind that the video title is interesting. However, the title matches the video.
  • After publishing the video, the video can be shared on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger etc.
  • You can link to your video on other popular sites about which you have created videos. It will also get a lot of visitors to your video from there.

Another way is to use the SEO technique. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Each video will use 3-5 hashtags to use some common words that people of all categories search for.
Finally, I want to tell you something important That is, immediately after the creation of the YouTube channel but the money in the hands will not be income. Be very patient and work with your devotion. And always adhere to the Google AdSense Terms. Never forget that no such video can be uploaded to YouTube by hitting YouTube's policy terms and conditions. I am sure that oneday you can make more money from YouTube channel If you start now.

How to earn money from YouTube Detailed discussion.

How to earn money from YouTube Detailed discussion.

How to earn money from YouTube Detailed discussion, How to earn from YouTube, detailed discussion of what to do, what is youtube? Income from youtube, how to open channels on youtube, main source of income from youtube, google youtube adsense, affiliate marketing, reviews of various products, sponsored videos, how to be successful on youtube Approach, the 8 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos, How Much Money Can You Earn from YouTube, YouTube Adsense Guidelines, the YouTube terms of AdSense, YouTube copyright law, YouTube Community Guidelines,

Today, I will discuss in detail how to open a verified channel to earn money from your YouTube. First of all I say it is not as difficult to get a YouTube AdSense. If you read this article carefully and you work accordingly then you will get adsense very soon. So, let's get a started to discuss the details how to earn money from YouTube detailed discussion.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing websites in the world. Where millions of new videos are published every day. And every day around 30 million people from around the world visit YouTube to watch these videos. These videos are not YouTube's own product. Uploads videos from different countries or privately from different countries. As a result, YouTube or Google Adsense through those organizations or private YouTube to make money.

Earnings from YouTube:

You only have to have a YouTube channel to earn from YouTube. Anyone can open it completely free of charge. So don't delay, you can open a YouTube account now.


How to open a channel on YouTube:

You need a Gmail account to open a YouTube channel. Keep in mind that you only need to open a channel with a Gmail account. However, you must be above 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age you will not get YouTube AdSense. If you wish, your father or mother can open Gmail with voter ID. If you are 18 years old then there is no word. However, you need to open a Gmail account with the correct name age date. And with a mobile number that you will use throughout your life, make Gmail account verification. Login to YouTube with this Gmail account. There you will find 'Create Channel'. Create your own channel through it. Now add a good profile picture and cover photo. And upload any footage you create with your own camera. This is half of your work.

Google YouTube AdSense Rules:

Google AdSense is one of the source of income from YouTube. However, to get adsense from YouTube, some conditions have to be fulfilled. Before that Google Adsense does not approve. The conditions are:
There should be 4,000 thousand watch time in 1 years.
There should be 1,000 subscribers in 1 years.
Cannot upload videos of another.
Currently, the slideshow video does not  is acceptable.
All YouTube guidelines must be followed.

The main source of income from YouTube:

There are several ways to earn from YouTube. I will try to briefly discuss them.

Affiliate Marketing:

You can earn money by affiliate marketing through YouTube videos. There are many online companies whose products are sold through your video and will be paid according to the percentage. Amazon, Ali Express, Daraz, Pikaboo, many more are popular among these companies.

Different product reviews:

There are currently many organizations that offer this facility. Suppose you talk about their product in one of your videos. In this case their product will be promoted, and they will pay you a certain amount. However, such offers are available only to quality and high-view video owners.

Sponsored Video:

Sponsored video only publishes more than you can earn from YouTube ad or affiliate links. In this case, different companies will contact you to make sponsored video of the product or service on your channel to increase the sales of their product or service, and you will be given that product or service. Publish it to YouTube by creating a video outlining its features and benefits Will be on In this case, your fan follower will be interested to know about the product. In return, the company will pay you a fixed amount every month. However, such opportunities are available only on the more popular channels.

How to be successful on YouTube:

Many people have been watching success on YouTube for a long time, despite uploading many videos. There are so many people on YouTube that you have been working on YouTube for a long time, uploading good videos regularly but still not making good money. To understand this, some rules have to be followed.

Pick the right topic:

To succeed on YouTube, you first need to make a video on a good topic. This is very important because when you are doing video on a particular topic. Then your channel will be of great value to the viewers, because when a viewer enters your channel once they see that your channel has all the good information on the same topic then they must give your channel the most prominence to know it. It's best to make a video on a topic. But you can make part-by-part videos on different topics so that the public doesn't bother watching your video. 

Below I will give you 10 ideas for choosing YouTube content Continue Reading

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10 Important questions about Google Adsense for blog.

10 Important questions about Google Adsense for blog.

10 Important questions about Google Adsense for blog.

Many people ask different questions when approaching Google AdSense on the blog.However, not all questions are effective. Today, I will show you 10 important questions about Google Adsense on the blog.

10 Important questions about Google Adsense for blog. How many words should the blog post contain? What should be the quality of the content? Do you have to write about only one particular topic or can you write on multiple topics? What kind of template is good to use? Is it important to provide privacy policy, contact information etc. on the blog? Why do you need a top level domain? How much content should be on the site? Whether local ad can be installed on the site? Is there a unique visitor to the site? How many months should the domain age be on the site?

  1. How to earn money from the blog Detailed discussion Learn more
  2. 15 imortant things to Enable AdSense for new blog Learn more

Question 1: How many words should the blog post contain?

Answer: Some people say, 500 or 1000 words are better but there really is no such thing! I have many posts in 200-250 words that I still get AdSense approved. The real thing is that the quality of the content has to be good which will benefit the people who read it. Writing irrelevant the content of 2000-3000 words it`s bad for visitors. Rather, people will be bothered to read them.

Question 2: What should be the quality of the content?

Answer: Google has stated in its terms that copy paste cannot be done! I do not paste any kind of copy that I wrote such a large post but did not paste copy from anyone. Everything that has been written is written by itself. Only some ideas were taken. However, this does not mean that no information will be taken from the net. The necessary information can be collected from the net and written in your own language. So that it does not match the other.

Question 3: Do you have to write about only one particular topic or can you write on multiple topics?

Answer: You can see on my blog more than one subject. Of course you can write about multiple topics. However, there are some things that cannot be written that I have already mentioned.

Question 4: What kind of template is good to use?

Answer: You can use the free template of the blog at the beginning. But it is nice to see a blog or website if there is a good responsive template. As a result, there are more visits to the blog.

Question 5: Is it important to provide privacy policy, contact information etc. on the blog?

Answer: It is very important to use them clearly. I have already mentioned that you need to put 6 pages on your blog or website, then Google will help you get Adsense.

Question 6: Why do you need a top level domain?

Answer:You will never get AdSense with subdomain or free domain (eg: .tk .ga, etc.). To get the AdSense you must select a good quality domain. For example, .com .net .org is better. Of course, Google previously provided adsense only when it was a subdomain of Blogger. But many are working online now. Many are now encouraged to work. So Google will be the best domain of any kind, regardless of the site.

Question 7: How much content should be on the site?

Answer:Many people apply for adsense with 8-10 content and think before adsense get then I will give more content. It's a big mistake. Because if there is not enough content Google will never approve your AdSense account. Therefore, you need to apply Google Adsense with minimum of 30-40 content . Each content minimum should be between 300 and 1000 words and try to write 1000,1500,2000, as many as you can.

Question 8: Whether local ad can be input on the site?

Answer:Google AdSense never likes multiple hassles. So if you have any other ad network company ad on your site, remove it. Then apply Adsense in a fresh way. After getting adsense you can use other company's ads again. If there is more than one ad on one page, people will get annoyed as this will reduce your site visits.

Question 9: Is there a unique visitor to the site?

Answer:The chances of getting adsense on your site only increase when new or unique visitors come to your site daily. So, by bringing SEO to your site, bring new visitors daily to the site. Why not a site without a visitor?

Question 10: How many months should the domain age be on the site?

Answer:Many people say that the site should be 6 months old to get adsense, while others say the minimum should be 3 months. In fact, many sites get adsense within 4-5 months. That means if one site has enough content and everything is fine then Google Adsense will be available.

15 imortant things to Enable AdSense for new blog.

15 imortant things to Enable AdSense for new blog.

15 imortant things to Enable AdSense for new blog.

Are you interested in applying for Google AdSense to get approved and start making money from your blog?  

Eligibility requirements AdSense for blog, making money from your blog? blogger to get AdSense approved, How to get adsense for blog? Blog adsense terms and conditions, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Blog adsense approval condition, How to enable blog adsense.

That’s the dream of every blogger to get AdSense approved.
There are a some basic reasons why Google Adsense is not approved. What you need to do to make Google Adsense your blog or website. Toady I will tell you 15 imortant things to enable AdSense for new blog. If you follow these rule then you will get google adsense very quickly. 

  1. How to earn money from the blog Detailed discussion Learn more
  2. 10 Important questions about Google Adsense for blog Learn more

Here are 15 imortant things to Enable AdSense for new blog is given below: 
  1. Of course, your blog or website should have 30-40 quality articles.
  2. If you are not setting up another company's ad blog, do it rather well.
  3. Can't have pop-up windows like Facebook Like Box.
  4. Do not publish your blog or website by stealing others' articles.
  5. Cannot post anything that violates Google AdSense copyright law.
  6. Adult, hacking, criminal activity may not contain content that has been mocked about a race or group.
  7. Avoid sexual or traumatic events Do not write content that affects people in the bad way.
  8. Must be a top level domain That is, if the sub-domain does not get the account. (But Blogspot is different)
  9. If the size of the posts is at least 500 words, it is good. However, if you can do more than 1000,it is more better. you will always try to post a large article.   
  10. Your site's domain needs to be more than one month old.
  11. Must have at least 6 page. (That is: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions) Without these pages AdSense is more likely to not be used on your blog.
  12. A good and beautiful premiere theme is need for getting google adsense.If you use free theme to publish good quality articles and apply for Google Adsense.
  13. Buying a master domain (eg: .com, .net, .in, .bd, .info, .org) is best for getting adsense quickly.
  14. Never copy another person's image.There are many websites on the Internet where many beautiful images are available for free. But, you can download them for free or you can do good editing with Photoshop.
  15. Do not publish content on your blog that is inappropriate or critical content.