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How to earn from Google Adsense Discuss all the details.

How to earn from Google Adsense Discuss all the details.

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Google AdSense:

If you want to earn a lifetime and have success in life. Then Google AdSense is a reliable way to earn a living. Even if you die, your wife can have children and money from Google AdSense. So in today's discussion, we will discuss the details of Google Adsense, all the things that are going on and about today. Therefore, none of you will lose patience and read it carefully. If I can write so hard, why can't you read? No one can succeed if there is not so much patience. If you can read all the articles about Google Adsense once, then there is nothing unknown about Google Adsense. So please read this article carefully without breaking the various blogs or websites. I have discussed all the details in this single article. Hope you don't have to go anywhere else. And you can easily make a lot of good money from Google AdSense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the most popular advertising programs owned by Google in the world. By making money on Google through a blog or website or YouTube. If you want, you can easily make money on your YouTube or blog site by doing this Google ad.

Various companies or companies contract with Google AdSense to promote and sell their services and products. Any person or company pays Google Adsense for the sale and promotion of their product or service. And Google Adsense promotes the product through various websites and YouTube, with the Google AdSense authorities paying a portion of that money to the owner of that YouTube and website. Google AdSense promotes advertising through various websites, videos, mobile apps and YouTube. Basically, those who have YouTube or blog websites can earn from Google Adsense.
Once Google AdSense approves, it means starting to earn lifetime. As long as Google is yours, your income will be. Many people think of Google Adsense as a deer. Because everyone thinks it's hard to find. In fact, this is not the case, if you properly adhere to all the rules of Google AdSense, then it is more likely to be effective. Therefore, the details of how to approve Google Adsense will be discussed below.

Why does Google give us money?

One question that may come to our mind is why should Google give us money? Google has another service called Google AdWords. Through Google AdWords, Google receives money from various websites or organizations through the promotion of their website or organization. Then through Google Adsense service, Google shows ads on websites, blogs and YouTube paid websites. Now Google pays 68% of the money to the website, blogs and youtube owners from the money they earn, and Google puts the remaining 32% as a service cost.

How to get Google Adsense Money?

Now everyone is talking about the head of Google Adsense is how to get money? It is natural to think that because if you do not get the money to work so hard, all the work will be in vain. Automatically will send a 4-digit zip code from Google AdSense to the post office, according to the email address of your website or YouTube. You need to verify Google Adsense with that zip code. No more worries then. If you do not understand, search YouTube and watch the video. You will search YouTube by typing "how to do Google AdSense account PIN verification."

Google AdSense gives money YouTube, websites or bloggers two ways. 
  1. Bank transfer and 
  2. Through bank check. 

In our country, taking the money through bank transfer is the most advantageous. And the money is delayed by bank check. So you can add local bank ads in Google AdSense. In my opinion Islami Bank or Dutch Bangla Bank is the best. You can add any other bank if you want. How to add a local bank, you will find thousands of videos by searching YouTube videos. If $ 100 or more is deposited into your account, the money will be remitted to your local bank on the 23-25th of each month. Then you can go to the bank and bring the money.

What does Google Adsense pay for:

You already know what Google AdSense pays for. So what do you think of them? They are below:

Details on how to earn from blogs and YouTube will be discussed above the link. So, nobody forget to reads the post.

Types of Google Adsense:

What is Google Adsense actually? And how does it work? Generally, Google AdSense is divided into two types, namely:

  1. Google Hosted Adsense
  2. And non-hosted adsense

Here we talk about Google Hosted Adsense and Non Hosted Adsense. The following are discussed in detail:

Google Hosted Adsense Account:

Hosted AdSense is one of Google's AdSense account platforms where YouTube and blog content or articles are stored. This is usually for those who use Google-hosted sites. Now what is the Google host? "BlogSpot" and "YouTube" are Google's patches so if you upload millions of videos to YouTube, you don't have to buy any hosting separately. Google will save the entire hosting as needed. And the AdSense you use on YouTube is a hosted account. On the other hand, those who blog using Google Blogger platform do not have to pay you. All your post photos and even videos provide the space you need for everything, hosting that is completely Google free. And in that case, the account that Google AdSense gives you to earn is a hosted account. Hopefully you have learned about hosted accounts. Now I will talk to you about the power of your hosted account.

Where can I use the host account?

Since Google provides a hosted account based on the Google hosted site, Google can only use it on the platform it has given you. If you have an AdSense account on YouTube, you will only be able to use that account on YouTube. And if a blogger gives a blog post, then you can use that AdSense only on that blog. You will not be able to use the AdSense account that you have been given from YouTube and Blogger anywhere other than that platform. Now that I have a few web sites, how can I use the same account with the same adsense on every website? You must upgrade your Google AdSense account to access it. How to upgrade your Google Adsense account I will discuss below. Let us know in advance what is a Google non-hosted account?

Google Non Hosted Adsense Account:

Non-Hosted AdSense is the AdSense account that uses your own hosting. That means if you buy domain and hosting for the website and apply to Google Adsense, then Google verify and approve it is a non-hosted adsense account. One website can be connected to one non-hosted adsense account. And all websites' money will be deposited into a single non-hosted AdSense account. You can buy domain hosting from various online websites. How To Buy Domains And Hosting You can get video search on YouTube.


Where can I use a non-hosted account?

If you have a Google non-hosted AdSense account, you can use AdSense with any subdomain of Blogger. If you are able to use this Adsense from many other websites using the ad code there. Even this AdSense account can be accessed on YouTube. In that case your self-hosted website blogspot will even add all the earning of YouTube together in one place. Even all the earning will pay you together. Now the thing is how to upgrade a post account to canon host account. I told you earlier how to upgrade an AdSense account. Now I will discuss that subject.

AdSense Account Upgrade:

Suppose you have a YouTube AdSense account that is hosted. With this account you will not be able to earn from your web site or think you have a website in the subdomain of your blogspot and there is also a Google AdSense account. You can only use the hosted account on the platform that you have given it. But the thing is, you have many other websites out there, how to use that AdSense and how to connect to the same AdSense. Very easy ……….

With a website that has a self hosted website for you, you can apply for a hosted account with a non hosted account. Then Google will review your website if the terms and conditions of the adsense are okay then adsense will be approved. Your Google AdSense will be converted from hostel to non-hosted account.

How to create a non-hosted account with a custom domain on Blogger:

This is what many people are in a dilemma about. I use Blogger hosting but my domain (dot com, .net, no bad extension) custom domain will then be my Google AdSense  Host or non hosted? Many people are at times hesitant about it. This is of course not a Google non-hosted account because whenever you create a website with your custom domain using Google hosting, the domain will be depended on the domain created and the domain is registered in your name. So when it comes to your own website and Google AdSense Approval on this website it must be a non-hosted account.

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