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How to earn money from YouTube Detailed discussion.

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Today, I will discuss in detail how to open a verified channel to earn money from your YouTube. First of all I say it is not as difficult to get a YouTube AdSense. If you read this article carefully and you work accordingly then you will get adsense very soon. So, let's get a started to discuss the details how to earn money from YouTube detailed discussion.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing websites in the world. Where millions of new videos are published every day. And every day around 30 million people from around the world visit YouTube to watch these videos. These videos are not YouTube's own product. Uploads videos from different countries or privately from different countries. As a result, YouTube or Google Adsense through those organizations or private YouTube to make money.

Earnings from YouTube:

You only have to have a YouTube channel to earn from YouTube. Anyone can open it completely free of charge. So don't delay, you can open a YouTube account now.


How to open a channel on YouTube:

You need a Gmail account to open a YouTube channel. Keep in mind that you only need to open a channel with a Gmail account. However, you must be above 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age you will not get YouTube AdSense. If you wish, your father or mother can open Gmail with voter ID. If you are 18 years old then there is no word. However, you need to open a Gmail account with the correct name age date. And with a mobile number that you will use throughout your life, make Gmail account verification. Login to YouTube with this Gmail account. There you will find 'Create Channel'. Create your own channel through it. Now add a good profile picture and cover photo. And upload any footage you create with your own camera. This is half of your work.

Google YouTube AdSense Rules:

Google AdSense is one of the source of income from YouTube. However, to get adsense from YouTube, some conditions have to be fulfilled. Before that Google Adsense does not approve. The conditions are:
There should be 4,000 thousand watch time in 1 years.
There should be 1,000 subscribers in 1 years.
Cannot upload videos of another.
Currently, the slideshow video does not  is acceptable.
All YouTube guidelines must be followed.

The main source of income from YouTube:

There are several ways to earn from YouTube. I will try to briefly discuss them.

Affiliate Marketing:

You can earn money by affiliate marketing through YouTube videos. There are many online companies whose products are sold through your video and will be paid according to the percentage. Amazon, Ali Express, Daraz, Pikaboo, many more are popular among these companies.

Different product reviews:

There are currently many organizations that offer this facility. Suppose you talk about their product in one of your videos. In this case their product will be promoted, and they will pay you a certain amount. However, such offers are available only to quality and high-view video owners.

Sponsored Video:

Sponsored video only publishes more than you can earn from YouTube ad or affiliate links. In this case, different companies will contact you to make sponsored video of the product or service on your channel to increase the sales of their product or service, and you will be given that product or service. Publish it to YouTube by creating a video outlining its features and benefits Will be on In this case, your fan follower will be interested to know about the product. In return, the company will pay you a fixed amount every month. However, such opportunities are available only on the more popular channels.

How to be successful on YouTube:

Many people have been watching success on YouTube for a long time, despite uploading many videos. There are so many people on YouTube that you have been working on YouTube for a long time, uploading good videos regularly but still not making good money. To understand this, some rules have to be followed.

Pick the right topic:

To succeed on YouTube, you first need to make a video on a good topic. This is very important because when you are doing video on a particular topic. Then your channel will be of great value to the viewers, because when a viewer enters your channel once they see that your channel has all the good information on the same topic then they must give your channel the most prominence to know it. It's best to make a video on a topic. But you can make part-by-part videos on different topics so that the public doesn't bother watching your video. 

Below I will give you 10 ideas for choosing YouTube content Continue Reading

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