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The 10 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos.

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Most of the new YouTuber they cannot find the content to create the videos. Today I am share you The 10 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos are listed below

1.Funny Video: You can create funny videos. Which is a very popular topic. You can make funny short film.

2.Review Video: You can give reviews of various electrical appliances. You can discuss which is the best products. This topic is also very popular. If you wish you can review the cosmetic topic.

3. Food Recipes: You can create different types of food recipes and upload them to YouTube that will allow many to learn how to cook. It is also a popular topic. This is a great topic especially for girls. And many youtubers have had great success on this topic.

4. Technology: You can make videos with various new Android mobile or laptop technology updates.

5. Tutorial: You can make video with required software tutorial. It will help many people to watch your video as you can learn by yourself. Many of the big YouTuber they make tutorial become popular and even earn a lot of income. I know the names of many.

6. Motivation: You can encourage people by doing various motivational or educational videos.

7. Life Stories: You can make videos about life stories of different people, especially popular life stories.

8. History Tradition: You can make videos about different sights or history traditions of world.

9. Human experience: You can upload different experimental videos to people.

10. Travel: If you like to travel to different places, you can capture videos of important places or topics in those places. Then you can have some discussion with the video. And publish this video on your YouTube channel.Already You have got The 10 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos.
How much money you can earn from YouTube:
Most of the people started youtube channel they are thinking about how much money  earn from YouTube. With this thought in mind, you do not need to come to YouTube. Go home and eat fried rice and think about sleeping. Without thinking of it, go to work and do good work then you able to make money from YouTube. Everyone can do it and why can't you?

So far we have learned about ways to earn through YouTube. Now let's know some strategies that we can use to earn more revenue.

  • Regularly try to upload new good quality video. Channel viewership will continue to grow.
  • After uploading the new video, please explain the video below. Then YouTube can easily get an idea about that video.
  • You have to keep in mind that the video title is interesting. However, the title matches the video.
  • After publishing the video, the video can be shared on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger etc.
  • You can link to your video on other popular sites about which you have created videos. It will also get a lot of visitors to your video from there.

Another way is to use the SEO technique. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Each video will use 3-5 hashtags to use some common words that people of all categories search for.
Finally, I want to tell you something important That is, immediately after the creation of the YouTube channel but the money in the hands will not be income. Be very patient and work with your devotion. And always adhere to the Google AdSense Terms. Never forget that no such video can be uploaded to YouTube by hitting YouTube's policy terms and conditions. I am sure that oneday you can make more money from YouTube channel If you start now.

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