Saturday, October 5, 2019

How to avoid google adsense ban.

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In many countries around the world,Now Google Adsense is tough for approving YouTube, website or blog.But if you maintain all of Google Adsense terms and conditions  you can get it easily. 

Currently YouTube will have 4 thousand hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers per year for getting adsense. On the other hand, blogs or websites have to be at least 6 months of age. Now if you have a still Google Adsense account and suddenly if that account is banned then you will crash.

Adsense is banned for some of reasons. AdSense is very sensitive. so you have to follow the right rules in this regard. Today I will briefly discuss the details of this post with the ban on AdSense. Hope you will benefit. Let's started by expanding "How to avoid Google Adsense Ban".

To avoid banning Google AdSense, follow these steps are given below:

  • Never click on your own ad, which in turn leads to invalid Clicks and Impressions, which is one of the reasons for the Adsense ban.
  • Do not encourage friends or acquaintances to click on your site's ad.
  • Avoid logging into your AdSense account on a cybercafe or a friend's PC, which will cause Google to become concerned about your site.
  • Do not place ads on sites that are dirty or pornographic, and on hacking and cracking (be careful if you use other download links).
  •  containing violence, murder, crime, weapons and related content cannot be placed adsense ads on the site, which is considered to be Google illegal.
  • Keep in mind that the site will not be placed under copyright law.
  • Google wants content and of course good quality unique content, so other content copy and paste adsense can be responsible for the ban. Do not place ads on content-less pages and do not use hidden text and links on the page.
  • Never encourage a visitor to click on an ad. Do not be inspired to click on the ad through various articles (Click here, Click this).
  • Bad design, unnecessary widgets should not be used on the site. Which can be the cause of AdSense ban.
  • Avoid using H2 Tag in posts too high.
  • Regularly check your AdSense account well.
  • Suddenly, you should check out why your blog clicked up. Check and mail it to AdSense. Adsense will block that IP if mailed. And then your account will be safe.
  • Please attention to the above issues to avoid the Adsense ban I am sure that your AdSense will be protected. If you have any further questions, please comment. 

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